Service #1
EZTV Install Support for SONOS
SONOS Help & Support


Learn how to use your SONOS system effectively. Our expert SONOS team is here to help you with everything SONOS; from setting up new account information, controlling your zones, music selection or even adding a new component. We have the support your looking for.

Service #2
EZTV Install Support for Devices
Device Help & Support


Today’s modern world of electronics offers us as a user so many great features and benefits on our everyday devices. However, sometimes that can seem more overwhelming than it does a benefit. Our trained and knowledgeable staff can assist you with a simple understanding of how to use your smart phones, tablets, laptop & desktop computers, media players or any piece of electronics that you own. Whether you’re an Apple, Android or Windows user, we have the answers.

Service #3
SONOS Play 5
Electronics Lifestyle Pairing


Have you ever walked into a big electronics store and felt completely overwhelmed? Our Electronics Pairing Service saves you from dealing with that headache completely. We strategically pair electronics that work with your existing lifestyle. We enjoy electronics and strive to leave you with the same result.

Service #4
SONOS Playbar
Learning to Stream 101


Ready to jump into the wide world of streaming? By now you’ve probably heard of Services Like Netflix, Hulu, VuDu, Amazon Instant Video etc. We can help you navigate this vast world and understand what each unique service can do for you.

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Yamaha * Lutron Lighting and Shading * Salamander cabinetry * Salamander furniture * Middle Atlantic residential

Middle Atlantic commercial * Samsung * Sharp * Sonos * Sony * KEF * Pro Control * RTI * URC * Niles

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