The Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers all the music on earth, in every room, with warm, full-bodied sound that’s crystal clear at any volume.
simple to set-up, control, and expand............
Sonos Play:1
SONOS Play 1
  • The Compact Wireless Speaker That Delivers Deep, Crystal Clear Hi-Fi Sound

  • NO Other Wireless Speaker Packs So Much Deep, Crystal Clear Hi-Fi Sound Into Such A Compact Design.

Sonos Play:3
SONOS Play 3
  • The most versatile wireless speaker for rich, room-filling sound.

  • SONOS PLAY:3 is the all-in-one Sonos player with big sound in a compact size. Stream all the music on earth wirelessly in any room.

Sonos Play:5
SONOS Play 5
  • The Original, Bigger Room, Bigger Sound Wireless* Speaker

  • SONOS PLAY:5 is the original, bigger room, bigger sound, all-in-one SONOS player. Stream all the music on earth wirelessly in any room.

Sonos Playbar
SONOS Playbar
  • The Soundbar For Music Lovers

  • SONOS PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room with super-realistic audio for games and movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.

Sonos Sub
  • Soul-Shaking Sound. Heart-Pounding Design.

  • The SONOS SUB will fill an entire room with thick layers of deep, bottomless sound that let you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll. You won’t just hear the difference our wireless subwoofer makes—you’ll feel it in your bones.

SONOS Connect

SONOS CONNECT is the Sonos player for your stereo or powered speakers. Stream all the music on earth in any room of the home using the audio equipment you already own.

SONOS Connect

SONOS Connect:Amp

SONOS CONNECT:AMP is the Sonos player for your favorite speakers. With 55W of amplifying power, stream all the music on earth wirelessly in any room.

SONOS Connect:Amp


SONOS BOOST provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for your Sonos system so you get unparalleled reliability—even in homes that are known to have wireless connectivity problems.


SONOS Controller

All the music you love easier than ever.

  • Controller is available on Mac/ PC, iOS & Andriod devices.

  • With a sleek new interface and streamlined search, our new controller app makes discovering and listening to all the music you love easier than ever. Browse effortlessly to your favorite tracks, search all your music services at once, and return to the music menu from anywhere with a single tap.

  • Sonos combines HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless. Experience your favorite music from the only system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100% devoted to streaming HiFi sound.

  • Sonos lets you stream all the music on earth—from any source to any room. Enjoy access to different music sources from one app combined with complete multi-room capabilities so you can listen to your entire world of music in every room of your home.

  • Sonos is simple to set-up, control, and expand. Press two buttons and begin your listening experience using one powerful app to access your music with a modular system that can expand to other rooms in your home.

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